INDUSTRY NINE. No, this brand has no equal. You won't hear us say this very often.
I9 is a pioneer in the field of hubs, spokes and rims due to their innovative in-house knowledge.

Moreover, you can fully customize your wheels with up to 11 different colors of spokes and hubs.



INDUSTRY NINE offers you a range of choices in each segment so that you can select the most suitable wheel, according to your needs.

  • GRAVEL - ULTRALITE 250 / TRAIL 270 / GRCX TRA ROAD AR25 / ULTRALITE 250 / I9.35.45.65
  • E- MTB - GRADE 315 Carbon / GRADE 300 / ENDURO 305

With the arrival of the new 1/1 hubs that meet the I9 high standards, wheels are now offered starting at 900 Euro.

Freehub bodies are interchangeable, the wheels are easy to maintain.

Hydra Hub: 100% craftmanship.

I9 takes this literally. Every engineer is a passionate cyclist himself. This translates into wonderful products.

Since the arrival of the HYDRA hub, with no less than 6 clickets, 690 contact points at an angle of 0.52°, I9 has put itself in a class of its own.
Ride feels particularly pleasant, reactive and spontaneous. Moreover, hardly any maintenance is required on these hubs.
This has not gone unnoticed by a number of premium wheel brands who have now also begun to spec these I9 Hydra hubs in fittings.
Moreover, did you know that even the alu spokes are all made by I9 themselves?

Unbreakable...and aesthetically pleasing due to their slightly oversized finish (2.7mm) in...11 colors!

A strong piece of craftsmanship. Almost art!

You dream it. We build it.

At I9, anything really is possible.

They make the strongest wheels on the market, and they do it with style .....
The custom program lets you use your own inspiration to create the perfect look for you. You can also send us an e-mail with your design choice and we'll send you back a sketch of what your wheel could look like.

UPGRADE for your wheels:

  • Aluminum ROAD and MTB wheels and all carbon MTB wheels: 3 upgrade levels
  • ROAD carbon wheels ( = I9.35 , I9.45 and I9.65 ) : 2 upgrade levels

Compose your wheel :

  1. Determine which wheel you want.
  2. Confirm wheel circumference, length of thru-axle, body type.
  3. Customize your wheels via I9 or let us create 3 designs (no strings attached!).
  4. Safe (save the design) and send the link of the design via email to your dealer or Conimex.
  5. Order at your nearest Industry 9 dealer or contact us for further support.

Want to know more about Industry Nine or wish to become a dealer?

Contacteer ons

Chloé Clauwaert


  • Hoe ga ik te werk om een wiel te bestellen?

    Ga bij een I9 DEALER langs en deze zal samen met u stapsgewijs de wielset samenstellen die bij u past ...

    * Bepaal welk type wiel u nodig heeft : WEG / MTB / CX -GRAVEL wiel

    * Bepaal de wielomtrek 

              Voor WEG wielen is dit meestal 700 c

              Voor MTB wielen: 29" (RACE / ENDURO) , 27,5" (ENDURO / TRAIL ) , 26" ( DOWNHILL) 

              Voor CX / GRAVEL: 700c of 650c 

    * Breedte van de steekas VOORAAN:QR 100mm, 9x100mm, 12x100mm, 15x100mm

    * Breedte van de steekas ACHTERAAN: QR 135mm, 10x135mm, 12x135mm, 12x142mm

    * Body type: Shimano/SRAM HG, Campy 11-speed or SRAM XD-R

    * Customize uw wielen? Ontwerpen kan via DEZE LINK.

    * Safe ( bewaar het onwerp ) én stuur de link van het ontwerp via email door naar uw dealer of Conimex.

    * Bestel bij uw dichtstbijzijnde Industry 9 dealer of ons voor verdere ondersteuning  

  • Hoeveel garantie heb ik?

    Alle Carbon velgen: LEVENSLANGE garantie!

    Onderdelen: 2 jaar garantie