Our feet are the foundation of our bodies.  Therefore, we want to give them the best support, which is essential to enjoy your sport now and in the future.

Solestar insoles are unrivalled in their design and manufacture. Thanks to their unique concept, Solestar insoles are able to put the foot in the optimal neutral position. With their patented design and a stabilising layer of fibre material, the insoles keep the foot in this position even under heavy loads.


Most insoles are classified into foot types, such as 'high foot arch', 'flat foot arch', the foot sinks inwards/outwards.

Extensive research and experience by SOLESTAR has shown that an insole for the different foot types usually reproduces the existing misplacement that does not provide the best position for the foot's gait pattern.

Regardless of foot type, the neutral position is where all feet should be, as it places the foot in an upright position that transmits power in the most ergonomic and effective way.

"Superior quality!"

SOLESTAR insoles are made of robust materials of the highest quality. The carbon fibre-reinforced footbed is not only stronger and more supportive, it also lasts exceptionally long. Adapted to the individual needs of each sport, the fibres are aligned in the direction of stabilisation or cushioning. This supports the ankle joint and arch of the foot, while comfortably positioning other areas such as the forefoot and toes.


SOLESTAR KONTROL is designed for the performance-oriented cyclist. The unique fibreglass construction provides a strong and stable platform, offering excellent power transfer, comfort and injury prevention.

Your feet are supported in a position that provides greater stability, comfort and power transfer while pedalling, and a reduced risk of injury.

  • Lightweight and super-strong fibreglass core for support
  • Developed in collaboration with professional cyclists for improved power transfer and efficiency
  • A strong foot position improves comfort and reduces the risk of injury


SOLESTAR BLK is designed for the highest level of performance. The unique carbon fibre construction offers unmatched support but with minimal weight. The insole choice of professionals.

Your feet are supported in a position that provides greater stability, comfort and power transfer during pedalling, and a reduced risk of injury.

  • Developed with pro cyclists to improve efficiency
  • Lightweight super-strong carbon fibre core for support
  • Best possible stability and power transfer

Solestar vragen

  • What makes Solestar insoles so unique?

    SOLESTAR insoles offer an unprecedented level of construction and materials. Our patented Stabilisation-Delta technology makes all the difference, putting your feet in the optimal position for maximum stability, comfort and performance in all types of sports.

    SOLESTAR insoles have a special, patented structure that guides the foot into the neutral position and stabilises it in this position. In addition, SOLESTAR insoles have a load-bearing core. From the forefoot to the hindfoot, this core supports the foot and ensures that the foot does not lose its stability and that power is transferred optimally.

  • How can I be sure the Solestar sole will fit my shoe?

    Every shoe brand uses different sizes. Therefore, you may have to take size bigger or smaller compared to the size of your cycling shoe. Check which insole size fits your shoe via this link.

  • Are SOLESTAR insoles really only something for professional athletes?

    SOLESTAR insoles are co-developed by professional athletes, as this is where optimisation opportunities are constantly sought. The pros are therefore usually the first to learn about such innovations. Nevertheless, SOLESTAR insoles are for every athlete who wants to perform their activity with more comfort, control and better power transmission. In addition, SOLESTAR insoles prevent the typical overuse complaints associated with sports.

  • What is the difference between Solestar insoles and other brands?

    Other insoles usually do not have a solid core. Therefore, these insoles deform as soon as they are loaded. In certain sports, such as cycling, running, cross-country skiing and hiking, the foot needs to be stabilised, which is only possible with materials that are stable under load.

  • How long does it take to get used to the SOLESTAR insole?

    The SOLESTAR insole for brings the foot into the optimum neutral position. The foot and the body structures involved, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, usually need some time to adjust. It may take four to five training sessions for your body to fully adapt to the change.

  • How long can I use a SOLESTAR insole?

    The service life depends on the pattern of use. An indication of wear is a decrease in original stiffness. Your dealer can tell you exactly whether your current SOLESTAR insole is still usable. In most cases, the useful life of SOLESTAR insoles depends on how long you use your sports shoe.

  • Do I need to remove the original insole from the shoe when using SOLESTAR insoles?

    Yes, this is absolutely necessary. The SOLESTAR insole replaces the original insole. If the original insole remains in the shoe, the SOLESTAR insole will not fit or work.

  • What if the soles don't bring what I expected after all?

    We want you to be 100% satisfied with your SOLESTAR insoles. SOLESTAR performance insoles have a direct effect on your muscles and movement patterns in cycling, running and skiing. It may therefore take up to 5 sessions until your body has adapted to the change. 

    If you are not happy with your insoles after having used the insoles for this number of rides you may return your insoles at a full refund within the first 6 weeks after your purchase.

    Please note that a refund is only possible under the following conditions:

    • Insoles solely ordered for size comparison are sent back unused;
    • The soles may be used but not modified (e.g. shortened or similar, except Neutral Run/Hike/Kick);
    • An identical product may only be ordered and returned once by each customer.

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