A handlebar tape... There are an awful lot of brands on the market, that's a fact!
However, there is no brand that offers 'cool, trendy' and original tapes in the quality that we do.

Welcome Ciclovation!

Durable & Comfort.

JERRY HUANG, after 25 years holding a top position at the well-known qualitative Jagwire, is launching his own brand CICLOVATION.

CICLOVATION is an amalgamation of CICLO, "bicycle," and INNOVATION, read trendsetting and focuses mainly on handlebar tapes. 

They want to target the market with high quality innovative durable products that are original and at the right price.

Prices range from 18 euros to 39.9 euros.

There are 3 categories:

  • GRIND Touch (super grip / sticky)
  • Advanced / Fusion (grip)
  • Aesthetic (often fully 1 color)

choice but above all quality

Give your bike that extra look with CICLOVATION's high quality handlebar tapes.

You have a choice of over 35 different tapes! 


  • Strong: 3mm thick & highly elastic finish tape does not deform, degrade or soften in extreme temperature and weather conditions.
  • Better grip and comfort: Multi-layered, laminated tape with different thicknesses provides progressive shock absorption to minimize fatigue.
  • Clean: highly elastic and lightweight organic adhesive leaves no residue on the handlebar to facilitate installation and adjustment.
  • Reusable, expanding locking plugs are reliable and do not fall out.

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