AMERICAN CLASSIC is no stranger to the cycling industry.

Committed to tyres ( later wheels ) with the moto " Maximum Performance" at " Lowest Cost ", AMClassic immediately gets rave reviews in independent media.

American AMERICAN CLASSIC comes with a range of tyres in all cycling disciplines.

Tube tybe ( traditional outer tyre ) or tubeless ready tyre in both black, as well as the handsome ' tanwall ' finish.

MAXIMUM performance at LOWEST cost.

This appears because for 45 € nobody offers tubeless ready tyres, except AMClassic!


AMClassic manages to enter the market past the big gate.
Voted " Editors Choice 2022 " by BikeRumor magazine, among others, the brand, from its launch, provides a clear eye-opener.
Journalists agreed. AMClassic has developed a particularly high-quality tyre that meets the properties below and, above all, has no equal in ------ terms of price.

  •  Installs easily
  •  Maintains pressure and is sealant-proof
  • Offers good grip uphill/ in bends/ ...
  • Durable

TYRES a sideproduct ? NOT FOR AMCLASSIC.

AMClassic consists of a group of people with accumulated expertise in the cycling industry and this backed by a powerful investment company.
From day 1, it wanted to excel with quality and to do so at a favourable price segment. To do this, it immediately invested in its own production facility in Asia.

This is the only way to ensure constant product improvement while remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Once again, American Classic is rewriting the rules with leading production facilities and a complete line of gravel, road, mtb and ebike tyres, and more components will follow.


In terms of durability and performance, AMClassic scores incredibly well compared to other competing brands.

We find this remarkable, knowing that a tyre usually costs almost half compared to other brands! (tubeless ready, hookless = €45)

The test reviews are laudatory:


CyclingNews.com verdicht: (4/5 score) - "Price is two for one compared to everyone else / Long life / Excellent puncture protection / Exceptional warranty" (iets zwaarder in gravel segment: 10gr)

Thesweetcyclist.com verdict: "Overall, we found the American Classic Timekeeper to be affordable and high performance road cycling tires. Despite being half or a quarter of the price of other tires on the market, the Timekeepter tires feel fast and look premium."

BikeRumor: "Very good overall performance. But ultimately, I quite like these tires. More so than I tought I would, in fact. If the ruggedness and durability claims stack up in the long term, the Torchbearers are certainly a top choice for training or everyday riding."

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