AbsoluteBLACK is the world's leading manufacturer of oval chainrings.

We are committed to exceptional design, European manufacturing and producing parts that perform great and are made to last.

AbsoluteBLACK has strongly established itself in the market as a young innovative company.
Not only round but also oval chainrings are the basis of their success.
For 2023, the brand is launching shimano 12 Sp, Sram 12 Sp blades
but also E-Bike specific offerings as well as new disc brakes & brake pads are among its extensive range.
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The Figures Speak For Themselves

AbsoluteBLACK : The only scientifically proven oval chainrings on the market.
Our studies led by the University of Primorska, Slovenia show significant differences when using absoluteBLACK Oval chainrings compared to round ones.

  • Up to 9% more pedalling effectiveness

  • up to 7% less oxygen consumption

  • up to 15% less ventilation (breathing)

  • up to 10% less heart rate

when using oval chainrings versus round.

Oval: Also Applies To You

The studies mentioned above show that oval chainrings are more effective in two situations: when pedalling uphill and when the pedalling motion is imperfect.
Professional and semi-professional cyclists have an almost perfectly circular pedalling motion.
However, other cyclists, recreational cyclists, beginners, often have problems with pedalling, imbalance, etc. Switching to an oval crankset effectively corrects this movement. Therefore, this crankset option can also be very useful for correcting imbalances and preventing discomfort or injury.

 AbsoluteBLACK chainrings :

  • Smoother pedal travel
  • Easier climbing
  • Spare your knees ( less stressful )
  • Less tiring.

Constant Pursuit Of Innovation, Environmentally Aware

We believe that everything can be better, including chainrings.
This starts with the choice of materials: we choose only the very best aluminium alloy we can find for our chainrings. This selection makes our products stronger and more durable right from the start. ( 2.5x compared to competitors ! )

We use advanced 3D CAD software that gives us the freedom to create beautiful yet remarkably robust parts that are made to last. Our attention to detail is visible in every lane of CNC tools that cut the final product. Working with the best anodising plant in Europe not only gives us an excellent anodising finish, but they also care about the environment.
This is important to us.

We have full control over every step, from design to production and final product.
Even our packaging and labels are designed by us and made by local manufacturers.
We constantly refine all our components until we are satisfied that they are at their best - and we deliver them to you at a competitive price. (20% cheaper compared to competitors ! )


A Product Range To Be Proud Of

MTB, GRAVEL, CX , ROAD chainrings

  • Rond & oval
  • Shimano / Sram / Campa / Race Face / Easton / … passing.

E Bike chainrings

Disk brakes & rempads

Chain wax

Chain Guides

20% cheaper / 2.5x More sustainable / Improve your driving experience / Particularly handsome

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  • Why are your Ab chainrings better than the others?

    We have spent years of scientific research using the most advanced tools one can make to perfect the product. We own the only scientific-grade 3D force measurement system in the world capable of measuring the forces on the pedal in any direction with great accuracy, as well as hip-knee-ankle angles, efficiency, mechanical effectiveness and so on. With such a device, we are able to measure all the changes that occur when using different chainrings and the differences between riders. Without such a device, it is impossible to really optimise the chainring. We are the ONLY company that has such a device and a scientific lab dedicated to pedal optimisation. Other companies throw darts in the dark, so to speak.

  • What is the difference between WolfTooth, Oneup and Absoluteblack Oval chainrings?

    Absolute Black invested more than 3 years in research before coming out with the first oval chainring. Other brands started producing their sprockets after only a few months. However, all the patents held by Absolute Black prevent other brands from meeting the same quality standards as Absolute Black.

    At Absoluteblack, we believe we have created the perfect shape of an oval chainring to support our claims.

  • Do I need a different chain for an oval chainring?

    All chains on the market except "half link" chains work perfectly with an oval chainring. That is, all 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed chains are perfect for it. For singlespeed, we recommend using an 8spd chain for more durability.

  • Which gearing should I choose for my oval sprocket?

    We always recommend using the same gearing as for a round sprocket.

  • I have a Boost148 rear, will the direct mount Sram / RF Cinch ovals work correctly on my bike?

    Yes, definitely and definitely. We have a special version of Sram and RF direct mount rings with the correct 3mm offset for Boost frames. So when purchasing, choose the chainring option "Boost 148".

  • What are the dimensions of the bolts?

    Long bolts: M8x0.75, 8.5mm long thread and 7mm high nut. Short bolts: M8x0.75, 6.5mm long thread and 4mm high nut.

  • Why is an oval chainring more effective than a round chainring?

    The human body uses skeletal muscles to generate force on the pedals, mainly during the downstroke. Each skeletal muscle has a unique characteristic that makes even muscle force throughout the contraction impossible. For example, the peak force of the knee occurs at a crank angle of about 70 degrees (0 is at 12 o'clock), while the hip peaks well past the crank angle of 90 degrees. If we add ankle joint force, crank angular velocity, leg inertia and force effectiveness, i.e. how much of the force generated by the muscles is actually converted into power, we see that a force profile during a crank cycle is not uniform, but peaks somewhere around 110 degrees of the crank cycle (normal road cycling for example). AbsoluteBLACK oval chainrings are designed to perfectly suit a specific riding style and involve the hip joint to a greater extent, essentially relieving the knee and contributing to muscle efficiency. The orientation of the major axis of AbsoluteBLACK oval chainrings, i.e. when the diameter of the chainring is largest, corresponds to a cyclist's power profile to reduce power loss and shift the load from the knee to the hip. This was established based on several thousand measurements using a unique diagnostic equipment to measure 3D pedalling forces and joint loads. Measurements were made on thousands of recreational road and MTB riders and hundreds of professional riders, including the entire Pro Tour Team UAE, where we officially provide our scientific biomechanical optimisation services with our Science Lab. With such a wealth of data, we are able to accurately design chainrings that can increase mechanical effectiveness - meaning you experience it as less effort at the same speed compared to around.

  • Will my chain wear faster or slower with an oval chainring?

    Our oval chainrings are designed to always pull the same amount of chain in any position of crank rotation. Imagine an ellipse that you can cut through the middle at any position and equal halves will always come out. The same applies to the circle. This causes the chain to wear in the same way as with the round chainring. Obviously, the best way to extend the life of a chain-chain combination is to lubricate the chain regularly and keep it clean.

  • Which bolts do I best use to mount my sprocket?

    For round gears: Bolt 4S/Bolt5S. Bolt4S = 4 bolts, Bolt 5S = 5 bolts.

    For oval sprockets: Bolt 4L/Bolt5L. Bolt 4L = 4 bolts, Bolt 5L = 5 bolts.

  • Are the right bolts included in the package?

    Bolts are never supplied as standard unless otherwise stated. In doubt?If so, please contact us.

  • What is the difference between bolt covers (Dacover) and bolts (Bolt)

    Unlike the bolts, the covers provide a premium finish where everything from bolt is elegantly concealed.



    Dura Ace9100: DACOVER91BK, DACOVER91GR

    Ultegra 8000: ULTCOVER80BK, ULTCOVER80GR

    Fsa-K-Force: FSCOVERBK

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