BREATHING. We all do need to do it. It is one of the most essential things that every living being on earth is required to do. It makes us who we are.

At Conimex we breathe the sport and cycling passion in and out of with the same regularity as you do every day. Brands and products we selectively and critically choose for you to take your experience of your sport to a higher level.  24 hours on 24 hours, week in , week out, rhythmically as you breathe in and out.

Added value for you, our dealers and suppliers.

We always strive to build a respectful long-term relationship with each partner. 

Every day we go for service and quality and this .... at the right price. 

Our brand palette is particularly strict but carefully selected to provide you with added value, brand by brand.

No bullshit. 

Eye for details.

With more than 30 years of experience in the sports and cycling industry, you will find that CONIMEX only works with the best brands. We recognise evolutions, trends but also added values of brands like no other.  

Today, a product must meet a variety of properties.

We guarantee that your sporting pleasure will be better, more enjoyable and comfortable with us.

Your overall supplier.

As trader but also as a consumer, you are looking for the best and preferably under one roof. Welcome to Conimex! 

  • Chainrings, rear cages, chain guides, disc brake pads,disc brakes : absoluteBLACK 
  • Particularly high quality wheels ( alu and carbon), saddles, bartapes, tires : ERE
  • Socks ( personalised or an original design ) : DeFEET 
  • Shoes ( mtb / race / e bike ) : GAERNE
  • High Quality cycling wear : SPATZwear 
  • Handlebar tapes : CICLOVATION
  • Wheels ( Full carbon from 1149 E : Reynolds / Alu from 1400 E - Carbon from 2399 E : Industry Nine
  • Sealant : milKIT and Effetto Mariposa ( sealant + protective films + torque spanners ) 
  • Tyres ( road / gravel / ebike / mtb ) American Classic 
  • Insoles : SOLESTAR

Het Conimex dealernetwerk bevat professionals vanuit de volledige Benelux. Dankzij ons unieke b2b bestelplatform kunt u 7/7 bestellen!