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Milkit! Most performant and easiest to use.

The advantages of tubeless riding are well known (less resistance, less punctures, better comfort), but sometimes people are reluctant to do the dirty and sometimes time-consuming work to make the tyres tubeless. 

This is a thing of the past with milKIT's patented " tubeless valves ".

These valves allow you to :

  • First mount and inflate your tyres ( to 1-1.5 bar ) and only AFTER that add the " milk " ( directly through the valve ) SO FULLY PROPER 
  • Then pump up to the desired pressure
  • Check the quantity of milk at all times WITHOUT having to remove your tyre from the wheel. ZODUS EFFICIENT and TIME SAVING

These advantages offer unbeatable benefits both for bicycle dealers who will no longer lose TIME and PROPER can convert tubeless wheels.

Use milKIT and see for yourself.....