OVAL Road / Gravel 110/5, 2X, Subcompact


€ 115,95
  • OVAL Road / Gravel 110/5, 2X, Subcompact - ROV32/5BK maat: 32t bolts included
  • OVAL Road / Gravel 110/5, 2X, Subcompact - ROV48/5BK maat: 48t
  • OVAL Road / Gravel 110/5, 2X, Subcompact - ROV48/5GR maat: 48t

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absoluteBLACK introduces premium Gravel - Road 110/5 oval chainrings in Sub-compact (super compact) sizes to improve your climbing and cadence. Increased Cadence is key to reducing perceived effort. With 48/32T chainrings you can ride anywhere and climb anything. Alpine climbs will never be that difficult anymore. These special super compact chainrings are compatible with majority of 110/5bcd cranks making absoluteBLACK the only company on the market offering such sizes. 32T chainring allow you to climb on your own terms with improved cadence and efficiency. 10/11/12spd compatible. Ready to try?

GRAVEL SUB-COMPACT OVAL 110/5, 2X chainring


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